AirBaltic Achieves 99.8% of Planned Flights Last Year

AirBaltic’s 2018 report demonstrates the company’s stability and competitiveness on the aviation market as a leading airline. The company has been announced as the most punctual airline in Europe for the year.

During 2018, airBaltic’s flight regularity reached 99.8% as the company canceled only 0.2% of its scheduled flights. The achievement is a reason for pride for airBaltic’s team as the summer season of 2018 exposed the carrier to a number of challenges such as strikes and other uncontrollable factors.

The result of 99.8% punctuality shows a 0.4% positive change from 2017. Martin Gauss, Chief Executive Officer of airBaltic, commented that as a leader in terms of global punctuality, airBaltic remains committed to improving its flight regularity and providing passengers with certainty and comfort regarding their flight services with the airline.

Since 2014, airBaltic has maintained first positions in the list of most punctual airlines globally and expectations are that the carrier will continue this trend onward in 2019.

Source: Aviation 24