DAE Grows its Portfolio

DAE has announced that it is building and expanding its existing portfolio of managed airplanes.

Last year the company finalized the addition of 19 new aircraft to its portfolio in an investment of $500 million. This step towards DAE’s growth increased the total number of managed aircraft in the company’s fleet to 54.

The company has put in place a productive strategy oriented towards making the most of DAE’s existent situation. The aircraft leasing specialist has the capacity to grow its managed portfolio via selling assets and cooperating with investors to gain access to valuable information such as market demand and needs.

Apart from aircraft, the company provides its clients with additional services and capabilities such as asset valuation, asset disposition strategy, maintenance services, and re-marketing.

Firoz Tarapore, Chief Executive Officer of DAE, commented that the company has worked closely with investors and has paid attention to their needs, opening up new opportunities for satisfying demand.

Based on investor expectations, DAE has successfully built on its service, drastically improving quality.

Source: Aviator