Delta Air Lines to Acquire Additional Airbus Aircraft

Delta Air Lines has officially increased its commitment with Airbus by placing another order for another 15 A220 aircraft.

With the new announcement, the total number of A220s ordered by the carrier becomes 90. The aircraft type is one of Airbus’ most recent and technologically advanced ones, providing operators with exceptional fuel-efficiency and other improvements. From the total of 90 A220s ordered by Delta, the airline will add 50 A220-300s to its fleet.

Two years ago the carrier confirmed its order for 75 aircraft with the manufacturer, which will be produced at Airbus’ new assembly facility in Mobile, Alabama.

Delta’s choice for the A220 aircraft stems from its plan to continue upgrading its existing fleet and provide passengers with a better service and experience, as confirmed by Gil West, Delta’s Chief Operating Officer.

Christian Scherer, Airbus Chief Commercial Officer, also commented on Delta’s commitment to providing an excellent passenger experience, which the carrier believes will be possible with the A220-300 aircraft.

The first A220-300 aircraft will be delivered from Airbus to Delta Air Lines in 2020.

Source: Airbus