Statement on Qatar Airways’ Investment in Air Italy

Qatar Airways has released a statement regarding its investment in Air Italy following an accusation of the investment being uncompliant with U.S.-Qatar Open Skies Agreement.

The current ownership of Qatar Airways in Air Italy is 49%, the same as Delta Air Lines has invested in Virgin Atlantic and Aeromexico and the same that Etihad Airways holds in Alitalia.

The airline has announced that its investment and work with Air Italy is fully compliant with the U.S.-Qatar Open Skies Agreement, the January 2018 U.S.-Qatar Understandings and is not reason for controversial speculations. The investment in Air Italy was completed before the announcement of the U.S.-Qatar Understandings, which took place in the beginning of 2018.

Qatar’s investment in Air Italy was made public in July 2016 and was later officially approved by the European Commission in March 2017, putting closure to the transaction in September 2017. The company also reminded that Qatar does not codeshare on Air Italy’s flights to the U.S. and does not intend to.

Source: Aviator