This Thursday, Boeing revealed deliveries for the third quarter. It demonstrated a bit more than 7 percent rise, with the total number of planes delivered reaching 202 (compared to 188 for the same period of the previous year).

The increase is largely thanks to Boeing’s 737 passenger jet. According to their statement, they delivered 145 of it, which is 25 more than Q3 2016.

The company plans to keep increasing the production rate for that particular aircraft, taking it up to 57 airplanes per month by 2019. They already did an increase in June, starting to build 47 aircrafts per month, instead of 42.

However, the results for their other commercial aircrafts are not so good. Deliveries of 787 Dreamliners fell to 35 from 36, while deliveries of 777 planes fell to 16 from 22.

The overall increase wasn’t enough to compensate for Q1 and Q2. The total number of deliveries for the first nine months of 2017 are 554 – still less than the 563 deliveries in the previous year. Boeing said, they expect to make 760 deliveries in total for 2017, which is 5 less than what they did in 2016.