About mba

Since its founding in 1992, mba has established itself as a leading provider of management consulting strategies, independent valuations, analytical solutions, regulatory and quality assessments, and safety auditing for investment banks, airlines, lessors, and government agencies worldwide.

mba carefully isolates itself from any conflict of interest, real or perceived. It is important to remain truly independent. As such, mba has developed a reputation as trusted advisors to the industry’s leading decision makers, offering each client expertise, integrity, and quality.

The mba mission

To provide independent, accurate, and consistent valuations and analyses, thus earning the trust, respect, and repeat business of the industry and its leading firms and carriers.

The mba philosophy

As an established firm in an ever-evolving industry, mba prides itself in promoting the continuing education of its Team. Ensuring access to the latest news and industry publications, as well as attendance at industry leading conferences and seminars has proven to build a more knowledgeable, experienced, and capable Team

The mba difference

mba considers each and every client as its most important relationship. This approach affords clients with direct access to mba’s analysts and management throughout the duration of every project. Ensuring each client’s understanding and satisfaction of mba’s work products is a top priority.