Air Baltic, which is displaying one of its CS300s at the Dubai Airshow, announced its plans to replace all of its aircraft with Bombardier CSeries jets. The carrier plans to acquire at least 14 of the twinjets. 

Chief executive Martin Gauss confirmed that they are planning to replace not only the Boeing 737-300s and 737-500s but also the aging Bombardier Q400s. The Boeing aircraft is owned by Air Baltic and they are considering selling them, while the Q400s are nearing the end of their lease. 

One of the reasons to replace the Bombardier aircraft with the CSeries planes is that the airline finds them unsuitable for longer flights such as those to Brussels, Vienna and Prague. The problem comes from the interior design and particularly that a long queue forms in front of the front washroom. The CS300s can be adapted to the needs of the carrier and Mr. Gauss pointed out that they are impressed by the overall clean design of the aircraft. 

Another advantage of the Bombardier jets is the lower cost per seat, which allows the airline to operate flights even with less load factor.  

Air Baltic also considers using a CS100 aircraft to operate to restricted airports such as that of London City.