On November 7 Air Canada and Sky Regional Airlines announced that they have signed a 10-year extension to their existing capacity purchase agreement (CPA), which was in execution since April 1, 2017.  

Kevin Howlett, Senior Vice President, Regional Markets and Government Relations at Air Canada confirmed that the extension to the agreement once again proves the ability of Sky Regional Airlines to provide high-quality services to passengers traveling both on domestic and transborder flights, while offering competitive costs. 

Russell Payson, Chairman, Sky Regional Airlines also expressed the carrier’s satisfaction of the trust vested in them. He also confirmed that the airline’s fleet of 25 Embraer 175 jets will continue offering the best passenger experience for Canadians.  

In addition to Sky Regional, Air Canada has capacity purchase agreements with its other regional airline partners, Jazz, Air Georgian and EVAS, that operate regional Air Canada Express flights on behalf of Air Canada.