Airbus and Emirates are discussing a follow-up deal for more A380 aircraft, which will be of great support to the production of the double-decker airliner, which is running out of orders since the carriers prefer smaller and more fuel-efficient planes. 

The discussions were initiated in Hamburg just before Emirates took delivery of its 100th A380 dressed in a special livery. Emirates Chairman Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed Al Maktoum and Airbus Chief Executive Officer Tom Enders hope to reach an agreement before the Dubai Air Show, which starts Nov. 12.  

Emirates is the biggest buyer of Airbus A380 aircraft, with 142 of the jet’s 317 net orders. The A380, which is the European manufacturer’s largest and most expensive plane, is at a list price of US$436.9 million. The company envisages to keep the production of the plane for another decade, despite that it has become tough to sell it.  

Airbus hopes to attract more carriers to place orders until the end of the Dubai Air show on November 16. Other airlines from the Middle East that operate the A380 are Etihad Airways PSJC and Qatar Airways.