Airbus’ Forecast for Aircraft in China

According to Airbus, China will require a total of 7,400 new passenger airplanes and freighters in the next 20 years, taking up 19 percent of the global demand, which is estimated at 37,400 new aircraft for the time period. The market value of the required aircraft is estimated to exceed $1,060 billion.

In the single-aisle market, the needed aircraft will amount to 6,180, while in the medium range there will be a demand for 870 aircraft. In order to increase capacity and flexibility in the large aircraft segment, 240 new aircraft will be necessary by 2037. Lastly, 130 airplanes are required to fulfill the needs of the extra-large sector.

Christian Scherer, Airbus Chief Commercial Officer, shared that China is a dominant force in the aviation industry on a global scale and its growth will continue in the future, requiring more adaptability and flexibility from aircraft manufacturers.

Source: Airbus