Airbus in Discussions with United Regarding A321LR and A330neo Order

United Airlines has been entered the process of fleet reevaluation and has begun discussion regarding the potential replacements of older aircraft that no longer answers the need of the company.

As part of the process, the carrier has started reviewing replacement options for its Boeing 757 and 767. Potential substitutes for Boeing’s aircraft are Airbus’ A321LR and A330neo airplanes.

United Airlines has already begun negotiations with Airbus regarding the possibility of acquiring planes and has requested detailed information on the A321LR and A330neo’s specifications. The data provided by the aircraft manufacturer outlines details such as seating capacity, operator’s empty weight, and other important information to help United make a decision.

Apart from Airbus’ airplanes, United Airlines is also looking into Boeing’s 737 MAX 10, Boeing 787-8, and the New Mid-market Airplane as potential substitutes for the existing Boeing 757-200, -300, and 767-300ERs in two years’ time.

Gerry Laderman, the Chief Financial Officer and Tresurer of the carrier, confirmed the replacement plans of United Airlines.

Source: Flight Global