Aircraft Deliveries in the Asia-Pacific Region for December 2018

An official report was released on the aircraft deliveries completed in the Asia-Pacific region during the last month of 2018.

During December 2018, airlines in the Asia-Pacific region were delivered a total of 113 new aircraft and were in a leading position in contrast to North American and European carriers. Both regions received 37 new aircraft each during the last month of the year.

December marked the strongest month of the year in terms of aircraft deliveries globally as the world’s carriers took a total of 221. However, the number was lower than December 2017’s results when carriers around the globe took delivery of 239 aircraft.

Asia-Pacific was the leader in terms of aircraft deliveries in December 2018 but its result was lower than that of December 2017. From the region, Chinese airline received 55 airplanes; Indian airlines took delivery of 23 new aircraft, while Vietnamese and Japanese carriers received six aircraft each.

 China Southern took delivery of three A320neos, one A321neo, one A330-300, three 737 MAX 8s, one 737-800, and one 787-9, while Indigo added seven A320neos, one A321neo, and two ATR 72-600s to its fleet.

Overall, Asia-Pacific demonstrated a strong and stable month.

Source: Flight Global