ATR Searching for Buyers of the Short-Runway ATR 42-600

ATR is in search of buyers for its short takeoff and landing version of the ATR 42-600 jet. The most suitable buyer profile announced by ATR includes operators providing services in islands with short runways, as confirmed by Christophe Potocki, Head of ATR Asia-Pacific.

With an estimated market of 800 aircraft over 30 years, the ATR 42-600s will be created to operate on 2,600ft runways. The project is planned to be completed without a substantial expense for development.

ATR has shard that both airline and lessor customers are welcome in the buyer portfolio for the aircraft and there are no minimum orders are required for the jet to be launched. In the search of a solution which could increase capacity, the company had considered developing a new aircraft type – the New Generation Turboprop. However, the idea was not well received by Airbus as the ATR 72 already dominates the market segment, which the new aircraft type would target.

Source: Air Transport World