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Frequent Flyer Programs, Part 2: An International Perspective on Loyalty Programs and Spin-offs

This article will explore the global FFP business environment and explore ways that various airlines have used to attempt to unlock the value of their programs. Some FFPs are managed internally by their respective carriers, some are programs are operated as separate business units, some airlines’ FFPs are subsidiary business units that are partially floated […]

Airbus’s Acquisition of the CSeries Program

However, Airbus’ partial acquisition of the program will likely give the CSeries the marketing boost the program desperately needs and potentially allow the aircraft to evade the 300% import tariff by virtue of constructing aircraft destined for the United States in Airbus’ Mobile Alabama factory.  It has yet to be determined if Airbus will have […]

The Changing Scope Clause Environments

As noted in mba insights The Pilot Shortage: A Current and Future Threat (March 13, 2017), the industry is feeling the impact from diminishing available pilot numbers; this reality paired with record airline profits, and exploding demand in the travel industry have placed pilot union negotiators working on behalf of legacy airlines in a uniquely […]

The Pilot Shortage: A Current and Future Threat

The need for pilots is even greater internationally; this is especially true in the Asia-Pacific region, where the need is anticipated to be at least 248,000i pilots for the same time period. The worldwide pilot pipeline is proving insufficient to the task. Some projections indicate that the United States (“U.S.”) airline industry will have a […]