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Given the nature of the aviation industry, mba has reviewed numerous leases for LCCs, legacy carriers, startups, charter airlines, and other operators worldwide. Clients in the market to purchase lease encumbered portfolios value mba’s lease review and analysis solution, which compares each lease term to industry standard practice. mba’s team provides a report including detailed […]

Business Acquisition Valuation: Purchase Price Allocation & Goodwill Impairment

FASB ASC 805 (previously SFAS No. 141R) requires that all assets and liabilities of the acquired company are adjusted to their Fair Values as of the date of acquisition when an acquisition is recorded. Often, this requires the independent valuation of the business interest (or assets), an allocation of the price to the identifiable tangible […]


Whether a part of a portfolio or as a one-off sale, mba’s team regularly provides airplane engine in airport its clients with insight into current market transaction prices and conditions. This insight, along with mba’s Future Aircraft Values redbook engine values, provides a detailed analysis to ensure understanding of the value of the asset.

Rotor Wing

Capitalizing on its in-house helicopter experts, mba provides physical inspections and appraisals on a variety of helicopter classes, with a strong focus on Off-Shore, SAR, Utility, and Tourism. Considering green costs, conversion costs, and possible distressed market situations, mba’s team prepares a comprehensive analysis of the market and the value of the asset.

Fixed Wing

Working alongside lessors, airlines, financial institutions, manufacturers, and private investors, mba’s team is equipped to provide a variety of valuation solutions adhering to ISTAT’s definitions and code of ethics. A sample of these solutions includes EETC and ABS transactions, quarterly or semi-annual fleet portfolio valuations, VIP configuration and conversion costs, part-out values, and calculation of […]

Financial Appraisal

A Financial Appraisal is one that determines the value of an aircraft to an investor based upon the income earning potential from its lease and residual value. A Financial Appraisal may be done in conjunction with either a Desktop or a Full Appraisal.

Full Appraisal

A Full Appraisal is one that includes an inspection of the aircraft and its maintenance records. This inspection is aimed solely at determining the overall condition of the aircraft and records to support the value opinions of the appraiser, and would not, for example, include opening of inspection panels on the aircraft or a detailed […]

Extended Desktop Appraisal

An Extended Desktop Appraisal is one which is still characterized by the absence of any on-site inspection of the aircraft or its maintenance records, but does include consideration of maintenance status information that is provided to the appraiser from the client, aircraft operator, or in the case of a second opinion, possibly from another appraisers […]