Avion Express Supporting Airlines Affected by Boeing 737 MAX Groundings

The worldwide grounding of Boeing 737 MAX aircraft as a result of two fatal crashes has impacted the operations of a number of airlines around the world.

Avion Express, a Lithuanian lessor, has attempted to relieve some of the operational struggles facing its airline partners. The company is the world’s largest aircraft, crew, maintenance, and insurance (ACMI) lessor for narrow-body aircraft.

Low-cost carrier Norwegian is one such carriers that sought the support of Avion Express. Because the MAX groundings took 11% of its fleet out of service, it arranged a short-term lease of four of Avion’s Airbus A320 aircraft between April and June 2019.

Similarly, Royal Air Maroc has turned to Avion to dampen the operational impact caused by the groundings.

Source: Aviator