Thomas Cook Airlines Belgium (TCAB) performs its last flight on Friday, October 27, from Tenerife South to Brussels. The last passengers will arrive at Brussels airport around 01:30 on Saturday. 

The services of the Belgian airline that offered holiday flights for most customers of Thomas Cook, Neckermann and Pegase for fifteen years will be taken over by Brussels Airlines. Brussels Airlines have announced back in March that they are going to handle the activities of TCAB at the start of the winter season. The transfer includes 160 pilots and cabin crew members, two Airbus A320s and all the slots. 

One of the aircraft has already been painted in the colors of the new airline and the second will follow next weeks. TCAB pilots are currently undergoing training, however no difficulties are expected for the entire crew, since Brussels Airlines also operates A320s. 

With this takeover, Brussels Airlines will carry 80% of Thomas Cook passengers, compared to 18% so far, which makes it one of the most important partners of the tour operator. As of Saturday, the carrier will take Thomas Cook holiday makers to 11 destinations.