Bulgaria Air Assisting Air Italy After Boeing Aircraft Grounding

Bulgaria Air is Air Italy’s new codeshare partner and the company is assisting the carrier after its announcement that it will be grounding its Boeing 737 MAX aircraft.

The announcement was made after the EASA officially announced that all European carriers are asked to temporary ground the aircraft following a recent fatal accident on Ethiopian Airways’ flight.

Air Italy will be replacing the grounded aircraft with Bulgaria Air’s support. Rossen Dimitrov, the Chief Operating Officer or Air Italy commented that it was essential for the company to find a quick way to maintain operations as normal despite the challenge of grounding its Boeing 737 MAX 8s.

Air Italy will be leasing A319s from Bulgaria Air thanks to the quick reaction of Ivo Kamenov, Chief Executive Officer of Chimimport AD, and Hristo Todorov, Bulgaria Air Chief Executive Officer.

Source: Aviator