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REDBOOK Insight: Helicopters: An Evolving Market

Download Insight PDF Helicopters: An Evolving Market The fluctuating global economy and an increase in capital flooding the fixed-wing sector have redirected some aviation financiers to the helicopter marketplace. In the past, helicopter deals often escaped notice and the sector received comparably little investment. However, since 2010, changing currents in the world of helicopter finance […]

REDBOOK Insight: How Monarch Monetized Gatwick Slots Post-Collapse

Download Insight PDF Introduction Monarch Airlines Limited (“Monarch”) sold its London Gatwick (“LGW”) slots to British Airways for an undisclosed amount on November 24th, reigniting the discussion on airline slot ownership within the aviation community. In order to understand how a bankrupt carrier without an AOC was able to monetize these assets, it is useful […]

REDBOOK Insight: Low Cost Carriers Emerging Against the Odds in Latin America

Download Insight PDF 2017 has seen growth for Low Cost Carriers (LCC) in Latin America through both start-ups and airlines changing their business models. Despite mixed outlooks for the region due to political crises in major countries and commodity price and exchange rate shocks in 2016, IATA forecasts 5.4% annual growth of Revenue Passenger Kilometers […]

REDBOOK Insight: Maintenance Matters in Aircraft ABS Deals

Download Insight PDF Maintenance value and the corresponding compensation, typically designated as “Supplemental Rent”, “Reserves”, or “End of Lease Compensation” within a lease agreement, contribute an essential element of value and liquidity within an Asset Backed Securitization (“ABS”) portfolio. In an aircraft lease, lessors collect maintenance compensation for utilization on the individual components on each […]

REDBOOK Insight: Frequent Flyer Programs, Part 2: An International Perspective on Loyalty Programs and Spin-offs

Download Full PDF In part one of MBA’s series of articles about the hidden value of airline frequent flyer programs (FFPs), we discussed the impact these programs have on airline profitability, a brief history of how    the FFP business has evolved, and how changes to these programs will affect carriers and customers. Although FFPs are […]

REDBOOK Insight: Airbus’s Acquisition of the CSeries Program

Airbus’ recent acquisition of Bombardier’s CSeries program has the potential to reinvigorate demand in the market for 100-150 seat aircraft.  While the CSeries is arguably the most capable aircraft of its size on the market today, Bombardier experienced marketing challenges, an effort further hamstrung by punitive tariffs levied on the CSeries by the United States […]