Brazilian-American entrepreneur and air transport specialist David Gary Neelman acquired 32% of the French airline Aigle Azur from the French investment firm Weaving Group. 

Weaving president Meziane Idjerouidene confirmed the transaction and commented that the company was looking to sell its share to someone who is familiar with the industry and will develop the carrier further. Weaving Group became a shareholder in Aigle Azur back in 2001. In 2010 they decided to sell part of their shares and thus HNA Group bought part of the airline. The Chinese conglomerate now owns 48% of Aigle Azur and 20% is owned by LU Azur.  

Aigle Azur is a private French airline with long history. It started operation back in 1946 and currently offers services to Algeria, Germany, Lebanon, Mali, Portugal, Russia, and Senegal. The carrier handles about 2 million passengers per year and operates an Airbus fleet of A319s and A320s.