Dublin Airport reported the highest number of passengers served in its 77-year history. The hub has reached almost 2.6 million passengers in October 2017, which is a 4% increase compared to last October. 

The overall number of passengers welcomed up to this moment is also higher compared to the previous year. The numbers reached more than 25.3 million, which marks growth by 6%. 

More than 1.3 million passengers travelled to and from continental European destinations in October. This amounts to 1.3 million travelers and an increase by 5%. In comparison, last month nearly 841,000 passengers travelled to and from UK destinations, which is just a 2% growth from last October. 

The biggest growth was in the number of passengers flying to international destinations in the Middle East and North Africa, which rose by 16%, reaching over 69,000 passengers. The next in line is the transatlantic traffic to North America with more than 333,000 travelers and an increase of 14%.