Engines Values

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REDBOOK has a comprehensive set of airplane engines values.

Access current market values at half life and full life for over 75 of the most commonly traded engines. Values are updated quarterly allowing users to properly track assets in real time. 

REDBOOK Platform Preview: Engines Values


REDBOOK matches the engine model to the aircraft on which they can be found allowing users to understand assets more thoroughly. 

REDBOOK provides all the statistics and information about an engine model that subscribers need.

Find information detailing engine EIS, Thrust, Fan Diameter, Fuel Consumption, Compressor Stages & Turbine Stages. Graph and compare statistics with other engine models to make better investment decisions.

Searching for assets is easy with REDBOOK’s search capabilities.

Subscribers are able to search by manufacturer & name or image. REDBOOK’s static search bar also allows users to search for engine assets from any page within the platform.

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