Etihad Airways’ 2018 Report Reveals Improvement

Etihad Airways has released its financial performance report for 2018, demonstrating improvements and stability on the aviation market.

The carrier has successfully overachieved its expectations in terms of core operating performance. The company’s forecast was that the operating performance would increase by 8% when in fact it rose by 15% during the year.

Etihad Airways reported revenue of $5.86 billion but also announced a loss of $1.28 billion during 0218. Passenger yields rose by 4% as a result of more strict capacity measures, a stabilization and expansion of the company’s network and amendments made within the fleet.

During the year, the company transferred a total of 17.8 million travelers, a slight drop from 2017, lowering its passenger capacity by 4%.

In 2017, the company set the start to a five-year transformation program, which aims to position Etihad Airways higher on the aviation market and make it more competitive.

Source: Aviator