The International Air Transport Association (IATA) held its first annual Aviation Data Symposium (ADS) last week, November 15-16, in Miami, Fla. 

The focus of the event was how to use big data in order to improve safety, security, and profitability within aviation. The symposium attracted more than 400 delegates from airlines, airports, and technology providers. There were also representatives of data-driven companies outside of the aviation industry, who were there to discuss the opportunities data management provides. The event revolved around four discussion topics – technology, safety and operations, passenger distribution, and sales and airfreight data. 

Speaking to the delegates, Charles de Gheldere, Director, Travel Intelligence, IATA, described the aircraft as data centers that host artificial intelligence and enable machine learning. He pointed out that passengers are connected via numerous devices like smartphones, watches, etc. He expressed his belief that data-driven organizations will help aviation industry reach the next level and that only the sky is the limit for this development.  

IATA already announced that it is going to hold another ADS next year in Berlin from June 27 to June 28.