Insecure Faith for Airbus’ A330neo

Orders and interest in the recently upgraded Airbus A330neos could put at risk the aircraft’s future even before the completion of its trial period.

Potential airline deals on $10 billion for wide-body aircraft purchases could contribute to the uncertainty of the airline’s future. The switch of Hawaiian Airlines from Airbus’ A330neos to Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner gave a strong indication of the danger Airbus’ model could be falling into.

In addition, AirAsia, who is one of the manufacturer’s biggest and most loyal customers, also began discussions of choosing Boeing over Airbus.

The Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner is also considered by American Airlines. Their reviews currently include the Airbus 330-900, which is still in test flight mode.

Despite uncertainties and a gloomy future ahead, it is unlikely that Airbus will turn away from its model. The A330neo and the 787 Dreamliner are in strong competition, putting Airbus under extreme pressure.

Boeing has previously released information on its plan to launch an innovative mid-market aircraft in 2018, which will again compete with the A330neo. Keeping Airbus’ model on the market will provide limited space for the new model to enter.


Source: Aviation News