Jeju Air to Increase Fleet Size with New 737 MAX

Jeju Air, Korea’s largest low-cost carrier, has announced its plans of acquiring a new Boeing 737 MAX aircraft next year. The Korean low-cost carrier sector is seeing a number of changes and fleet improvements.

The region’s low-cost carriers have a history of selecting aged and second-hand aircraft in order to reduce the costs of operations. However, with the changing market and the dynamic competition that airlines are faced with, Jeju Air as well as other carriers, have changed the focus to more modern planes.

The carrier has committed to acquire a total of three new 737 Boeing aircraft, putting its trust in the ability of the aircraft to increase range and improve operating expenses, despite the significant initial investment required for the purchase.

The new aircraft will be able to provide Jeju Air’s passengers with an upgraded passenger experience and allow the carrier to expand its reach into new destinations, strengthening presence, and stability on the market.

Source: CAPA