KLM Turns 100

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines commemorated its 100th birthday today during a ceremony at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

“The fact that we are celebrating our 100th anniversary is not just testimony to a century of successful enterprise, innovation, and commerce, but also to the faith that customers and partners have in KLM. It is an ode to KLM’s aviation pioneers, who literally put civil aviation on the map worldwide… We may take pride in our long list of achievements and efforts over the past 100 years.  And so we stand—energetic and confident—on the threshold of a new century.”

Pieter Elbers, KLM’s President & Chief Executive Officer

The airline marked the special occasion with the presentation of a new Delftware miniature house; the distribution of these houses forms an iconic part of the airline’s World Business Class experience.

KLM is the world’s oldest airline operating under its original name. However, British Airways marked its 100th birthday earlier this year because one of its predecessor organizations, Aircraft Transport and Travel Limited, was founded in 1919.

Source: KLM