Lufthansa Further Expanding Fleet with Boeing Aircraft

Lufthansa has recently announced its decision to expand its fleet, making new Airbus and Boeing additions in an investment worth $12 billion.

With the aim of modernizing the fleet and providing a technologically advanced and innovative service to passengers, Lufthansa has ordered Boeing 787-9 aircraft, in addition to the previously announced A350-900s, which will also be entering the fleet.

The Boeing order includes 20 787-9 aircraft, while the Airbus order includes 20 A350-900s. The expected delivery dates of the aircraft span between 2022 and 2027.

The newly purchased aircraft will be used to substitute four-engine aircraft. The aircraft will provide Lufthansa with lower fuel consumption, less CO2 emissions, and an upgraded passenger experience inflight.

Currently, the company’s fleet consists of nearly 200 aircraft. Further innovation related to the group’s fleet will be seen in 2020, when the company adds its new Boeing 777-9 to the fleet.

Source: Aviator