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Hong Kong Airlines on the Brink

Key Concepts: Hong Kong Airlines fell into the common trap of overzealous fleet expansion efforts which it undertook to launch long-haul low-cost routes.Diminished air travel in Hong Kong, caused by ongoing civil unrest, exacerbated the airline’s problems.To avoid collapsing this...

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Ups and Downs in the 2019 Air Cargo Market – Part I

Brief: In this edition of Morten Beyer & Agnew’s Insight Series, Anna Kopinski, mba’s Senior Associate of Asset Valuations, analyzes how the cargo market has fared in 2019, what aircraft are being used the most—and least—and how different metrics reveal...

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2019: The Year of FFP Re-Privatization?

Brief: Frequent Flyer Programs (FFPs) are an increasingly common tool airlines use to generate revenue and valuable customer data. As they were originally crafted as marketing tools, the industry is now witnessing the evolution of FFPs into valuable assets for...

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REDBOOK Insight: Demand Increasing at Slot-Coordinated UK Airports

PDF Download Demand Increasing at Slot-Coordinated UK Airports Anne Correa, mba's Director of Airline & Airport Services, explores how slot-coordinated airports in the United Kingdom manage their coveted assets and what airlines are willing to do to gain access. Landing...

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