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S7 Airlines Receives its Maiden Boeing 737 MAX

S7 Airlines has officially taken delivery of its first Boeing 737 MAX aircraft. The plane was received from Air Lease Corporation under a lease agreement. With the recent delivery, the carrier has now become the first Russian carrier to operate...

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SpiceJet Receives First 737 MAX in Fleet

Boeing has officially delivered SpiceJet's first 737 MAX 8 aircraft at a ceremony celebrated by company executives and other public figures. SpiceJet has selected the Boeing 737 MAX 8 as the solution to their objective of standardizing their existing fleet...

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Lack of Security for Israeli Airlines

Due to the harsh political arena and security threats, El Al has made an official statement warning that there is potential for all Israeli carriers to cancel their scheduled flight services and stop operations from the beginning of 2019. The...

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Financial Difficulty for Cobalt Air

Cobalt Air, the Cypriot operator, is going through a difficult financial period and is struggling to maintain stability and continue operations as per usual. The dominant reason for the inability of the carrier to perform successfully lies in the refusal...

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