Pegasus Airlines Announce 2018 Financial Report

Pegasus Airlines, the Turkish low-cost carrier, has officially announced its financial performance results for 2018, showing improvements and increased stability in comparison to 2017.

During 2018, the carrier transported a total of 30 million travelers, giving a boost to passenger numbers by 8% in contrast to 2017. A total of 17.7 million travelers flew with Pegasus Airlines on its domestic network, while 12.3 million benefited from the company’s international network.

Meanwhile, the company’s turnover rose by 55% reaching a total of 8.3 billion Turkish liras. The year set new records for the airline and saw the company’s revenue grow 1.5 times, despite the challenging factors such as the higher price of fuel.

According to Mehmet T. Nane, 2019 is expected to be another year of expansion and stability for the carrier. Last year the company received a total of 10 new aircraft and the fleet expansion strategy will continue onto 2019. Pegasus Airlines’ maiden A321neo is expected to join the fleet in 2019.

Source: Aviator