Helicopter Values

Helicopter Value Features

News and Statistics

Gain a better understanding of your asset’s value with recent news and statistics.

Access the helicopter’s general specs and statistics such as Body Type, Build Years, MTOW Range, Engine Configuration and More.

Portfolio Management

Easily manage your Helicopter assets with REDBOOK’s Portfolio Module.

Add an unlimited number of rotorcraft to unlimited portfolios to see all your values, statistics and data in one user-friendly table. Add models directly to the portfolio manually or upload your personal portfolio using a simple template.

Share or export data to xlsx and enjoy automatic quarterly helicopter value updates.

Trusted Values

Our newest addition to REDBOOK gives our clients values to some of the most popularly traded helicopter on the market.

Access current market, base and future values at half-life and full-life using your choice of inflation rate. Utilize the Future Values feature to calculate your asset’s value based on build year, base value and inflation rate.

Users can also adjust these values to match their helicopter asset based on specific configurations, characteristics and modifiers.

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