Aviation Safety Audit Programs

mba is an Internationally recognized aviation Safety and Compliance Auditing Organization with highly qualified auditors worldwide that perform aviation audits. mba performs safety audits on fixed-wing, rotary-wing, and unmanned aircraft.


mba received its accreditation from IATA in 2004 as an Audit Organization (AO) to perform IATA Operational Safety Audits (IOSA) and remains as one of only six Audit Companies in the world to hold this honor.  mba has built a team comprised of experienced Auditors with diverse professional aviation backgrounds. mba’s Auditors are multilingual and are from several countries, possessing extensive experience with international regulatory authority compliance audits in their respective operational disciplines. mba has performed over 450 IOSA Audits worldwide.


mba is also accredited as an Audit Organization to perform IATA Standard Safety Assessments (ISSA). This program is established for Operators of smaller aircraft that do not qualify for the IOSA program.

IOSA and ISSA Contact Information

For more information please email us at iosa@mba.aero.

Fixed & Rotary Wing Audits

mba has developed the Operational Safety Audit Review (OSAR) for small or large Fixed Wing and Rotary Wing operations. The OSAR was designed to assess the degree of compliance with an organization’s applicable safety regulatory requirements and with the procedural provisions of a Safety Management System (SMS). The OSAR program includes year-round availability for General Consulting, Audits, Aircraft Inspections, Accident/Incident Investigations, and Aerodrome Assessments to include heliports.

The OSAR program is built to assure compliance to safety management functions, including staffing, compliance with applicable regulations, operational and maintenance management regulations, competency, and training. The OSAR is built based on a combination of industry standards and best practices, including IOGP (International Association of Oil and Gas Producers) best practices.

mba has performed services for airlines, the oil and gas industry, and the helicopter industry through its Aviation Safety Audit Program.

Aviation Audit Contact Information

For more information please email us at safety@mba.aero.


mba is the exclusive Registered Audit Company in North South America to audit Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) operators against the UAS International Standard (UIS).   In alignment with the 2015 International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) guidelines, the UAS International Standard is the first universal standard to envelop all sectors within the unmanned aircraft industry.  mba’s Audit Programs Team, in compliance with Internationally recognized standards, can ensure the highest degree of risk and safety assurance for all UAS and eVTOLs.

Gap Analysis and Safety Consulting

mba Aviation provides comprehensive Gap analysis and Safety Consulting services that can be customized to meet the organization’s requirements. mba Aviation can assist with preparing for IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) certification, IATA Standard Safety Assessment (ISSA) Certification or developing/enhancing the organization’s Safety Management System (SMS).

mba Aviation’s team of experienced auditors can assist with:

  • Identifying gaps and providing a roadmap to certification
  • Developing corrective actions
  • Process/procedure design
  • Writing and developing operational documents to meet the required standard
  • Preparation for IOSA/ISSA initial audit
  • Consulting services scalable to the scope required, to meet the organization’s goals of achieving IOSA/ISSA certification and/or implementing an SMS as per ICAO’s requirements.

For more information, please email us at safety@mba.aero