Analytical Solutions

Expert Witness

With an accomplished team versed in the full range of aviation consulting disciplines, mba is well poised to provide credible expert support, including testimony, for clients involved in aviation-related litigation. From bankruptcies, accident investigations, environmental impact evaluations, aircraft appraisals, damage assessments, and lost profits, mba’s experts can provide assistance at all stages of the litigation process.

Maintenance Modeling

mba has significant experience in aircraft maintenance, including maintenance scheduling, maintenance costs, and maintenance modeling. Specifically, mba’s Team has been involved in a majority of the major airline bankruptcies during the past decade, and has provided maintenance analysis and oversight on a number of aircraft coming out of these bankruptcies. With over 30 aircraft currently under mba’s asset management group, mba is actively involved in maintenance planning for active aircraft. In addition to physical oversight, mba’s Team is experienced in maintenance modeling for ABS deals and private transactions for both aircraft lessors and investors.


The modern passenger has an evolving set of preferences. In order to appeal to both airlines and passengers, airports must be conscious of their current infrastructure, the types of travelers at their facility, and the trends of its consumers. Through a diverse set of Airport Solutions, mba assists airports with identifying opportunities; whether through analyzing current service, forecasting potential service, assessing business revenues, or presenting a case to an airline or investor.

Airlines & Lessors

Recognized as a premier aviation consulting firm, mba’s Team brings over 150 years of combined industry experience to public and private clientele worldwide. With backgrounds including former airline executives, FAA staff, business valuation experts, route schedulers, slot traders, and ISTAT Certified Appraisers, mba is effectively situated to assist in a wide range of aviation-related engagements.