Airlines & Lessors

Recognized as a premier aviation consulting firm, mba brings over 150 years of combined industry experience to public and private clientele worldwide. With backgrounds including former airline executives, FAA staff, business valuation experts, route schedulers, slot traders, and ISTAT Certified Appraisers, mba is effectively situated to assist in a wide range of aviation-related engagements.

Whatever the industry, contemplation of a new venture often requires an unbiased third-party outlook. mba’s Team regularly assists a variety of clients with feasibility studies, including:

  • Airline Start-Up Analysis
  • Airline Hub Analysis
  • Strategic Planning

mba provides trend analyses to some of the largest investors, banks, and lessors in the world. Through analysis of value over time, mba provides clients with insight into the impact of internal and external factor affecting the value of their assets, including:

  • Public Airline & Lessor Stock Analysis
  • Passenger Market Impact Studies
  • Airline Industry Trend Analysis

Before acquiring or modernizing a fleet, it is imperative to understand current market conditions. With decades of experience, mba’s Team understands the importance of maintaining a thorough understanding of today’s evolving market, and considers it to be a driving factor in providing the most accurate fleet and business plans. mba’s Team regularly provides a variety of airlines, from LCCs to legacy carriers, with planning analyses, including:

  • Current & Future Fleet Market Analysis
  • Passenger & Cargo Market Demand & Yield Analysis
  • Future Fleet Cash Flow Model
  • Fleet Modernization Analysis

Leveraging their years of experience, mba assists clients with the analysis of new market ventures. Using a proprietary model to forecast passenger flow, mba considers sensitive macro-economic drivers, current market positions of competitors, historical experience in the market, and future schedules. mba’s Team identifies under-served and lucrative new markets, evaluates prospects of failing routes, and provides insight and understanding of the benefits of potential alliances or codeshare agreements.