The modern passenger has an evolving set of preferences. In order to appeal to both airlines and passengers, airports must be conscious of their current infrastructure, the types of travelers at their facility, and the trends of its consumers. Through a diverse set of Airport Solutions, mba assists airports with identifying opportunities; whether through analyzing current service, forecasting potential service, assessing business revenues, or presenting a case to an airline or investor.

As an established and trusted aviation consultant firm, mba has cultivated relationships with banks, investors, and airlines across the globe, adding to the Team’s knowledge and reach within the industry. In addition to various studies and analyses, mba remains effectively situated to provide clients with:

  • Airline Service Negotiation
  • Investor Due Diligence
  • Airport Demographic Market Analysis

mba has the knowledge and experience to assist in the analysis and recommendation of airport objectives and improvement plans to help increase an airport’s bottom line.

Through evaluation of metrics at a given airport, and those at competing and comparable airports, mba assists clients in identifying gaps in operational capabilities.  Services include:

  • Concession Analysis
  • Passenger Facility Charge Analysis
  • Rate & Charge Study
  • Revenue Enhancement

mba has comprehensive experience modeling routes in domestic and international markets. When contemplating changes to route networks, many clients find mba’s market performance model beneficial. This proprietary model provides insight into:

  • Yield & Load Factor Analysis
  • Traffic Flow Forecasting
  • Existing Underserved Markets
  • Markets for New Service
  • Aircraft Type Profitability Analysis

The aviation industry is ever changing.  As a result, the mix of destinations and airlines served by an airport is constantly evolving.  mba regularly performs analyses of current conditions within and between regions, as well as the impact of shifts within the industry on an airport, including:

  • Hub Analysis
  • Alliance & Codeshare Analysis
  • New Entrant Analysis
  • Merger Analysis