Asset Management Solutions

mba’s Asset Management Team is comprised of seasoned aviation professionals encompassing years of experience within flight operations, engineering and maintenance, as well as finance. Leveraging their experience, mba is able to form specialized and interdisciplinary teams to provide customized solutions to clients worldwide. These services are designed to help mitigate financial risk, increase efficiency, and leverage upside.

Whether navigating the import / export process, off-lease redelivery, utilization reporting, heavy maintenance oversight, technical records review, or management of maintenance reserves, mba’s Team can tailor a solution accounting for current and projected economic indicators, maximizing the asset value and potential.

With an accurate and efficient asset management program, you can rely on the accuracy and currency of asset-specific information, thereby allowing you to identify and address potential issues early on.


Frequently Performed Services

  • Portfolio Maintenance Reserve Balance Modeling & Audit
  • Maintenance Reserves Claims Administration
  • Asset Life-Cycle Management
  • Aircraft Inspection
  • Aircraft Current & Future Market Value Projections
  • Aircraft & Engine Recovery & Repossession
  • Asset Delivery & Return
  • Technical Oversight


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