In an effort to reduce redundant audits that consume valuable time and resources, Air Charter Safety Foundation introduced the ACSF Industry Audit Standard (IAS) in 2009.  This program is designed for FAR Part 135 and 91(k) Operators to assess their compliance with applicable FAA Regulations, ACSF IAS, and eligibility for ACSF Registration.

As one of only two companies in the world accredited by ACSF, mba’s Audit Team provides the tools and knowledge necessary to guide you through the process of completing an Audit under the ACSF IAS and becoming a member of the ACSF Registry.  ACSF Registered Operators benefit from a less costly and more efficient audit process while proving their commitment to providing the highest level of safety to their passengers.

the ACSF IAS assures

  • Operator’s Safety & Regulatory Compliance

  • Operator’s Committment to the Highest Safety & Compliance Standards

  • Audit Companies (ACs) & Auditors are Accredited by ACSF
  • Audit Process Maintained by an Independent Review Board