Flight Safety Foundation (FSF) Basic Aviation Risk Standard (BARS)

Introduced by Flight Safety Foundation (FSF), the BAR Standard was developed in response to an industry specified need for a global safety audit standard.  Many mineral industry companies contract air operators in order to support various missions in a variety of environments.  These air operators maintain fleets ranging from small single engine heli-craft to large jet aircraft.  In order to manage the risk assessment in these types of missions, FSF created a system identifying threats posed to air operators and then matching these threats to associated control, mitigation, and recovery measures.

Through the BARSoft database, BARS member organizations are able to share air operator Audit Reports and therefore reduce the cost and frequency of these audits in addition to mitigating risk and executing the safest operations.

Accredited by FSF since 2011, mba’s Audit Team provides the tools and knowledge necessary to guide you through the process of completing an Audit under the BAR Standard and becoming a member of BARS.