Safety & Compliance Solutions


mba is a trusted and independent auditing firm, fully prepared to guide you through the Audit and Corrective Action process. mba understands the dynamic world air carriers operate in, and stands ready to assist by actively keeping abreast of changes in operating regulations, cutting edge safety practices, and all other applicable facets of the aviation industry. Whether you are a new entrant, reconfiguring your fleet, or embarking on the re-engineering of processes, mba maintains the skills and experience to assist in maintaining compliance necessary to ensure operational safety.

mba offers independent and impartial auditing conducted by an Audit Team comprised of experts in their auditing disciplines, possessing years of executive level experience in the airline industry. mba’s Audit Team is also fully versed in FAA, EASA, & GCAA Regulations.

With their collective experience, mba consistently delivers a seamless process for On-Site Audit, Corrective Action, and Administration. With the capacity to send multiple teams simultaneously to multiple locations, mba offers schedule flexibility and unmatched efficiency. mba’s Audit Team is also well versed in sequential audits of larger carriers and their subsidiaries, offering cost savings to each carrier and a reduction of on-site man-days.

mba’s continual improvement audit process


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