Safety Management Systems (SMS)

The Safety Management Systems (SMS) Training Program was initially developed by the MITRE Center for Advanced Aviation Systems Development (MITRE CAASD) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Academy. mba received its accreditation from MITRE CAASD in 2011.

Taught by a team of professionals with years of critical aviation experience, the SMS Training Program is designed for airlines, on-demand operators, MRO, airports, helicopter operators, as well as special mission providers: firefighters, aviation law attorneys, consultants, Auditors, accident investigators, regulators, manufacturers, logistics advisors, and anyone from the medical community seeking a systems based ‘template’ for reducing medical error.

mba SMS course options

One day overview of SMS principles

In the SMS II Course, mba’s instructors take the curriculum beyond the principal and fundamental levels of SMS and focus on implementation of SMS. Instructors address crucial elements of the SMS implementation process including risk matrix development, identification of safety targets, and defining safety performance indicators.

Prerequisite: SMS Principles

mba’s SMS Development Guidebook Course allows students to work along with our highly experienced instructors to develop a customized SMS Manual for their organization by utilizing our SDG which is capable of meeting the SMS requirements for both large and small organizations. Instructors will cover guidance material required for authoring an SMS Manual and industry best practices currently in use by SMS Compliant Organizations and upon completion of the course, students will return with a fully customized SMS Manual for their organization.

Prerequisite: SMS Principles

mba’s SMS Principles Course provides a thorough understanding of SMS principles, theories, and practices while focusing on the Four Components (Pillars) of SMS – Safety Policy, Safety Risk Management, Safety Assurance, and Safety Promotion.