Intangible assets

Intangible assets require a unique set of skills and financial acumen to properly value by today’s complex standards. mba is a world leader in intangible asset valuation and is known for valuing the international routes and slots of the world’s largest airlines. While mba specializes in the valuation of routes, slots, and gates, the firm also performs valuations of frequent flyer programs and intellectual properties such as trademarks, patents, and brand names.

The analysis of these types of assets can be difficult and dependent on available data and market conditions. Whether fulfilling requirements for financing, a potential sale, or financial reporting purposes, mba’s Team has the knowledge and expertise desired to complete these valuations.

Frequently Performed Intangible Asset Valuations

  • International Routes
  • Landing & Departure Slots
  • Enterprise & Equity
  • Intellectual Property
  • Stock-Based Compensation

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