Mr. Garrick Rice

Director – Asset Management & Engine Valuations

As Director of Asset Management & Engine Valuations, Mr. Rice focuses on Engine Valuations and Analysis, MRO Forecast, and commercial Aircraft.

Garrick Rice is the Director of Asset Management & Engine Valuations. In his role as a Director, Mr. Rice is responsible for conducting engines valuations and analysis, MRO Forecast, and commercial aircraft with additional emphasis on market trends effecting core value drivers of aircraft and aircraft engines and lease encumbered value analysis on aircraft and aircraft engines.
Prior to joining mba, Mr. Rice worked with AAR Corp., where he served as a Senior Aircraft Asset Manager, and has held various roles valuating financial markets and financial instruments. Mr. Rice holds over six years of aviation experience with emphasis on pricing, leasing, portfolio management, and engine evaluations. Mr. Rice received a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance and Commercial Law, from the Haworth College of Business at Western Michigan University.