Two A321s Sold by AviaAm Leasing

AviaAM Leasing, the aircraft leasing, acquisition and sales specialist, has officially announced the completion of a sale for the of Airbus’ A321-211 airplanes.

The sale has been arranged with a lease involved and the two planes have already been delivered to their new owner, Air Transat, the low-cost leisure carrier based in Canada. The leasing agreement has a time period of ten years, allowing the company to make the most of the leased aircraft.

The delivery took place in Kaunas International Airport and was completed earlier than planned.

Mantas Meizneris, the VP Sales at AviaAM Leasing, shared that partnering with Air Transit as a new client began with the lease of the two A321s, leased by the company earlier in 2018. The two partners are excited about the possibilities the new partnership opens for both sides.

Source: Aviator