Vallair Acquires an Airbus A321

Vallair, the aircraft leasing specialist, has officially purchased another Airbus A321 aircraft to add to its fleet of airplanes available for lease to clients.

The sale was made between Plane Business, the previous owner of the aircraft, and Vallair on the 30th of August, 2018. Vallair has recently invested strongly in the acquisition of Airbus A320s as prior to this transaction, the company gained another six airplanes of the type from short term lease agreements.

The acquisition of the A321 is part of a larger plan of Vallair to introduce a A321-200 P2F cargo conversion program, in which the A321 will serve as continuous feedstock.

The Head of Cargo Conversions Business Unit at Vallair, Peter Koster, shared that the company is ready to invest in aircraft that is technologically advanced and mature on the market in order to diversify its product offering and increase the ability of securing a wider range of clients from the aviation industry.

Source: Aviator