Vietjet’s 2018 Results

Vietjet announced its performance during 2018 in an official report, showing that the company successfully transferred a total of 23 million travelers, increasing its existing routes to 66.

The year was especially successful for the carrier and finished with revenue of 52,000 VND or 24% higher than in 2017. Vietjet’s total profit before tax was 5,830 billion VND, with revenue from air transport recorded at 33,815 billion VND or 49% higher than the previous year.

The cash balance of the company at the end of 2018 reached 7,161 billion VND, with a low debt to equity ratio of 0.04.

During the time period the carrier completed a total of 118,923 flight services across its network of 105 routes. Vietjet’s network at the end of 2018 comprised of 39 domestic and 66 international routes. The load factor of the company in 2018 was 88.06% and the carrier achieved 99.64% punctuality.

Last year Vietjet started operating the A321neo, which is to provide significant reductions in the consumption of fuel and benefits such as improved passenger comfort.

Source: Aviator