WDL Aviation Receives an Embraer E190 from Azorra Aviation

Azorra Aviation has officially completed an aircraft delivery to its partner WDL Aviation.

WDL Aviation has received an Embraer E190 on lease, representing the first aircraft that is delivered from Azorra to WDL Aviation. There are more aircraft as part of the lease agreement, which are to support WDL Aviation with its future aircraft needs.

The newly received aircraft will be used as substitutes for the BAE146, which will be phased out.

Azorra Aviation has place a focus on developing via the Embraer E190 aircraft, a popular and attractive airplane for operators. The company’s Embraer commitment includes the acquisition of five E190s, four of which will be used by WDL Aviation.

Azorra’s Chief Executive Officer, John Evans, commented that the team is excited to support WDL Aviation and add it to its portfolio of clients.

Source: Aviator