mba Announces Launch of Aircraft Maintenance Forecasting & Analytics Tools

Washington, D.C., September 10, 2019 – Morten Beyer & Agnew (“mba”), a global aviation consulting firm with offices in North America, Europe, and Asia, announced the release of an aircraft maintenance forecasting and analytics program, MX4 – Maintenance Forecasting, available within the REDBOOK aviation intelligence database. mba designed MX4 to support financial institutions, airlines, aircraft lessors, and other clients in the aviation industry in gaining an in-depth understanding of cashflows associated with maintenance reserves or end-of-lease compensation by detailing all inflows, outflows, and maintenance events over the projection period.

David Tokoph, mba’s President and CEO, stated that “MX4 puts the tools for analyzing maintenance cashflows at the user’s fingertips allowing for a detailed view at any stage of a transaction.”

He added that “MX4 allows users to quickly model an aircraft’s maintenance costs and schedule in order to evaluate the long-term relationship between maintenance and aircraft fleet values.  REDBOOK subscribers can model future maintenance expenses for airframes, complete engines, and life-limited parts. With MX4, users are better able to anticipate cashflows and maintenance events which will occur throughout the life of an aircraft.”

MX4 provides graphs and data visualizations to support the user’s business case.  REDBOOK subscriptions include unlimited downloads to that users can easily export data for off-platform analysis.

MX4 integrates data from with REDBOOK’s STAR (System Tracking Aircraft Repository) Fleet database that encompasses 44,000+ airplanes. Subscribers can retrieve accurate, timely fleet information from STAR Fleet to make data-driven investment decisions.