Platform Overview

Innovative & Advanced Platform

mba launched REDBOOK to provide users with subscription-based access to our trusted commercial aircraft values data. Our platform offers a sophisticated user interface and a deep dataset exceeding two decades.

Our range of modules help subscribers to access timely and valuable data about their aviation assets. REDBOOK is the most user-friendly and cost-effective aircraft valuation and fleet data tool in the industry.

Experience the mba Difference

mba’s relationships throughout the aviation industry drive our business forward. Our expert analysts and ISTAT-certified appraisal team power the insights available within REDBOOK. Our subscriber relations team prioritizes the needs of our clients via live personal chat features and frequent communication to all subscribers.

Invest with Confidence and Ease

REDBOOK helps subscribers find the values data, statistics and unique insights necessary to make smarter investments. Our easy-to-use platform will enhance your team’s forecasting and analysis of potential investments. REDBOOK gives leasing companies, airlines, financial institutions, manufacturers, private investors, and other aviation companies a better way to track and manage assets.

Utilize Advanced Valuation Features

For over 25 years, mba has provided trusted intelligence to the aviation industry by accurately forecasting asset values throughout their life-cycles. Our aircraft valuation platform is built around these aircraft and engine valuation features, and offers a range of tools to meet your firm’s data needs.