Platform Overview

Innovative & Advanced Platform

REDBOOK is designed to provide users access to mba’s trusted aircraft & engines values while showcasing the sophistication of new age technology. Our platform is the result of completely revamping mba’s 24 year old eFAV product and creating a more advanced, robust system.

All of our modules are designed to help subscribers access valuable data about their aviation assets quickly and easily. REDBOOK is truly the most advanced, user-friendly, and affordable aircraft valuation tool in the industry.

Experience the mba Difference

Our team at mba has a long standing relationship with the aviation industry, backed by expert analysts and one of the largest ISTAT appraiser teams in the business. The degree of expertise that our team brings to our platform is unmatched. This experience, combined with new generation technology, makes REDBOOK a truly unique aircraft valuation tool. From giving one-on-one demos to providing live chat features, our mba team always puts users first.

Invest with Confidence and Ease

REDBOOK gives subscribers access to aircraft values, statistics and unique insights needed to make smarter investments. Export valuable data, forecast asset values, and order appraisals all under one easy to use platform.

By combining advanced platform intelligence with mba’s industry-trusted aircraft valuation methods, REDBOOK gives leasing companies, airlines, financial institutions, manufacturers, private investors, and other aviation companies a better way to track and manage assets.

Utilize Advanced Valuation Features

For over 25 years, mba has been providing trusted intelligence to the aviation industry by accurately forecasting asset values throughout their life-cycles. Our aircraft valuation platform is built around these aircraft and engine valuation features, but REDBOOK offers so much more…

REDBOOK allows subscribers to import assets, manage their portfolios, access lease rates, and view aircraft statistics.