An integral part of mba’s core business is our highly experienced and efficient technical organization, managed from our offices in Arlington, VA and Dublin, Ireland. Our technical organization is well-positioned to provide technical consulting services to companies across the commercial aviation and aeronautics spectrum, with resources strategically located in the United States, Central America, Europe, South Africa and Southeast Asia.

Pre-Purchase Aircraft Inspection & Technical Records Survey

Geared specifically to fulfill client needs for technical due diligence during the pre-purchase process, mba provides thorough inspection of aircraft, and survey of technical records. Where needed, additional assessment of airline processes for maintenance program management, maintenance planning, and management of technical records is provided. All inspection and survey work is documented in a detailed technical report, documenting inspection results, observations made as to aircraft and records condition, and provision of photographic evidence.

Heavy Maintenance Management & Oversight

Either as part of the aircraft transition process, or stand-alone requirement, mba provides on-site technical representation for aircraft undergoing heavy maintenance visits. Technical representation is geared to ensure that maintenance and modification work is conducted in accordance with prescribed task requirements, while maintaining schedule and cost-control measures. Daily reporting of project and critical path progress is provided.

  • Work-pack and man-power control for routine, non-routine and shop tasks
  • Verification of technical data approval for structural repairs
  • Verification of eligibility and back-to-birth trace for exchanged appliances and components
  • Oversight of finished product quality

End of Lease Project Management and Aircraft Redelivery

For efficient management of the end-of-lease process, and to ensure that all lease return conditions are satisfied, mba provides project management, and on-site oversight of the aircraft end-of-lease redelivery process. Technical processes are managed from the company’s offices in Arlington and Dublin, with on-site technical representation being made according to aircraft type and geographical location. On-site technical personnel are assigned based on factors of aircraft type, geographical location and local language. Major process elements are as follows:

  • Project planning
  • Verification of manuals and documents required at aircraft redelivery
  • Verification, scanning, collation, and shipment of aircraft technical records
  • Aircraft physical inspection to ensure physical condition requirements are satisfied
  • Redelivery test flight presence and verification of systems performance
  • Verification of Engine and APU Borescope Inspection
  • End of lease financial adjustments

Aircraft Storage Maintenance

Aircraft storage is required from time to time, either during the period of transition from one operator to another, or due to unforeseen circumstances that may remove an aircraft from operational service for an extended time period. During such time periods, the proper storage of an aircraft is essential in ensuring continuous maintenance coverage. mba provides oversight of storage maintenance activity to ensure that aircraft are being maintained in accordance with an approved storage program, and that the physical condition of the aircraft remains such that its return  to an airworthy status is efficient.

  • Arrangement of storage facility
  • Liaison with recognized ferry / repositioning providers for movement of aircraft to / from storage facility
  • Oversight of storage maintenance program
  • Collection, review, scanning and collation of storage maintenance records

Aircraft Repossession

Aircraft repossession can be a stressful proposition, both for the airline, and aircraft owner. In order to recover the aircraft and its technical records in a condition that allows for near term redeployment, significant and experienced technical resources are needed. mba is able to deploy dedicated technical resources quickly to the recovery site to secure aircraft, equipment and technical records.

  • Liaison with aircraft owner to recover aircraft and records
  • Liaison with other parties to secure titled equipment that may be installed on other aircraft
  • Verification, scanning, collation, and shipment of aircraft technical records
  • Liaison with recognized ferry / repositioning providers for movement of aircraft to storage facility

Engine Shop Visit Management

For individual aircraft owners and small lessors, mba provides oversight and management of engine shop visits, especially where an engine has been removed due to an unplanned event, and damage has occurred. Expert technical resource is deployed to the engine maintenance facility for direct oversight of the shop visit process. Major elements of the process are as follows:

  • Development / verification of off-wing workscope
  • Table inspection subsequent to engine teardown, and reporting to the asset owner
  • Liaison with insurance company on reporting requirements for insurance claims
  • Liaison with engine maintenance facility and asset owner to update workscope including airworthiness directive and service bulletin accomplishment requirements